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Sponsor a Poppy in Ashford, Church Road.

It is a little known fact that the costs for some of the services provided on Remembrance Sunday are still funded by Ashford on the Map (No longer operating).

As this money reduces, Ashford  Wide have agreed to help out to ensure these services continue for this very important event.

Last year Ashford Wide purchased 100 Large poppies to commemorate 100 years.

We aim to put these poppies up again this year.

So for 2019, Ashford Wide we will use these to decorate Church Road in the run up to Remembrance Day and the march through Ashford.

We are looking for local businesses or Individuals to sponsor a poppy to raise money towards the expenses of the Remembrance Day. 

This includes the Marching Band, Teas and Coffees afterwards for the veterans.

Any profit made after these expenses are met will go to the British Legion and be recorded on our social media and website pages

We are looking for donations upwards of £10 and ask if you could give towards such a good cause please?

If you wish to sponsor a Poppy in memory of a loved one please CLICK HERE

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