High Street Banners

Ashford Wide offers you a new 24/7/365 promotional opportunity: custom street light pole banners.

Banners beautify and brand our high street while putting your business in front of thousands of people passing through Ashford each day!

By taking a banner in Ashford town centre you help keep our high street buzzing.

• Location on our beloved High Street
• Brand reinforcement exposure 24 hours a day
• Company reputation – get the shoppers talking
• Visibility to your customers
• Community commitment – proceeds go
to local causes & events
• Promotion on social media by us
• Word of mouth referral by the
Ashford Wide network
• Logo & Advertorial on our website

• Price on Application (per banner)
• Includes design and installation
• Up to 3 locations
• Annual rolling contract
• Not just Ashford: Open across Spelthorne
• Regular payment plans available
• BACS, Paypal or Cheque

For more information on the Street Banners please contact business@ashfordwide.com