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Another car has smashed into a home in Ashford – and it’s in the very same street just days later

The latest smash, which saw the driver hit a wall before stopping in the house’s porch, comes just days after a near-identical incident in the same road

Another car has crashed into a property in Ashford – just days after a car smashed into a family home in the very same street.

Both incidents happened in Feltham Road and in the latest collision, the driver piled through a wall before stopping in the house’s porch.

A spokesman for Staines fire station said: “A young lad lost control and went in to the wall.

“Luckily, he didn’t hit the house but stopped just before in the porch.

“When we got there, he was complaining of neck injuries and we get him out with the help of the ambulance and put him on a stretcher and up he went.

“Overall, it was a good cross-border joint effort.”

The scene at the first crash in Feltham Road (Photo: Darren Pepe)

After the first crash, which happened at 3am on Saturday (April 15), the three occupants of the black VW Scirocco – including two men and a woman – fled the scene according to Surrey Police.

The homeowners are uninjured but “obviously and understandably shocked by the incident” said the force.

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