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Alfie needs antibody therapy to get him the life that he deserves…

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Alfie needs antibody therapy to get him the life that he deserves….
My little boy Alfie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when he was 5. He completed 18 months of treatment to be classed as in Remission. Remission was short lived bacuse he relapsed at the age of 9, he was subjected to another 18 months of treatment and classed as NED.
Sadly in April 2016 Alfie relapsed for the 2nd time….
Alfie so far has had 8 rounds of chemotherapy and have managed to shrink his tumour. He is starting oral chemo in the next feed days to keep his tumour stable while the plan and organise the next stage of treatment.

He will be having Mibg therapy late March.

I spoke with Alfie’s consultant today and asked what we really need to do to get Alfie the life he needs to live…. she said antibodies. I knew this was coming and said if I was to fundraise how much would we need. We need £600,000 to save my beautiful boy.

Alfie is such a lovely boy, at 14 he’s already been through enough. He’s spent 10 years of his life fighting this awful disease. So knowing what I know now I’m asking for your help to fundraise to give him the chance he deserves.

Shelley… Alfie’s mum x

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